Friday, August 6, 2010

Backing Cloth Artwork / Basil Sellers Art Prize

Still a great feeling to get a new set of backing cloth paintings into store on a Friday evening.

It's been a big week, Jon Campbell at the Art Fair on Wednesday then Basil Sellers Art Prize kicked off at Melbourne University on Thursday. Kate Daw and I are off to Yuendumu very soon as part of our residency at the MCG which is also funded by Basil Sellers.Picture above of Cecily and Elsie Granites at the MCG last month.
( see earlier post )

You sense some people from the art community don't like the "winner" format but I love the competitive nature of this prize. It creates a very different dynamic for the evening, something genuinely akin to a sporting event. Kate and I caught up with Basil, Stephen Gough from the MCC and Chris McCauliffe from Melbourne Uni. who've been the key people involved from the start of this ambitious idea.

Basil's aim is to attract ideas and new work discussing contemporary Australian society using sport as a starting point. Speaking to people on the night you begin to realise it's going to be amazingly significant legacy.

I'll post a blog from Yuendumu and discuss the development of project in more detail.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

exhibition continues until Sunday 18th August

Finally photographs of the Aesthetics of Saving exhibition installed. These images by Melbourne photographer John Laurie.

We were planning to bring down this exhibition on Monday 9th August, after the Art Fair and Saturday in Design. But we have some visitors coming over, so will now stay up until Sunday 18th August.

Thanks to everyone who has made to the show, great feed-back.

Could have sold the transformed chairs three times over but have now definitely decided to hold on to them, sorry.

We've decided to continue in the backroom and the billboard with a programme of exhibitions and events. We need a name for the backroom space and billboard combination, I've come up with nothing, so any good ideas would be appreciated.

If you haven't had a chance to get to the show it's on at spacecraft store south,
572 Malvern Road, open 7 days, Mon - Sat 9.30 - 5.00, Sunday 10 - 4.00 till Sun 18th August.