Monday, November 22, 2010

studio - the angels coming together

I've been working with images of angels found in Melbourne, creating a set of twelve angels that will go into the stores first week in December. Although some have already found homes we'll show all twelve together before they go their separate ways.

I took the photographs after I found an idea in an old sketch book. I still can't figure out exactly what I was proposing to make, but I had a very enjoyable couple of hours re-reading the notes from Walter Benjamin's critique of a Paul Klee drawing of an angel and my thoughts on seeing the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire. That probably places the sketch book at around 1986 or 87.

Anyway, we're feeling very well looked after at the studio.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Melbourne Artplay 3D in Vogue

So nice to see the lovely people at Vogue Living enjoying our brand new Artplay 3D Edition of Melbourne. We hunted through some brilliant archives of major architectural feats in melbourne's early days to put together this little collection, from the experimental Exhibition building to the magnificent Harry Seidler.

The printed blocks are made from select pieces of door salvage, sanded and polished to reveal some extraordinary old growth timbers from British Columbia to Tasmania.

The Artplay 3D sets come in two sizes one with 20 blocks and the other with 10, they've become an obsession on the mantle of constant sculptural and architectural challenge that only lasts as long as the next visitor, one of our new favourite projects.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prahran Market

Christian Wagstaff came up with an interesting idea for the spacecraft to create a kilometre of printed bunting to celebrate the end of winter / arrival of Spring at Prahran Market.

The Prahran Market has a great history and we've been working with some fabulous old images. The extensive lattice work ceiling is a perfect structure to weave the 1km of flags.

I'll post more images during the sewing and trial installations at the studio.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Backing Cloth Artwork / Basil Sellers Art Prize

Still a great feeling to get a new set of backing cloth paintings into store on a Friday evening.

It's been a big week, Jon Campbell at the Art Fair on Wednesday then Basil Sellers Art Prize kicked off at Melbourne University on Thursday. Kate Daw and I are off to Yuendumu very soon as part of our residency at the MCG which is also funded by Basil Sellers.Picture above of Cecily and Elsie Granites at the MCG last month.
( see earlier post )

You sense some people from the art community don't like the "winner" format but I love the competitive nature of this prize. It creates a very different dynamic for the evening, something genuinely akin to a sporting event. Kate and I caught up with Basil, Stephen Gough from the MCC and Chris McCauliffe from Melbourne Uni. who've been the key people involved from the start of this ambitious idea.

Basil's aim is to attract ideas and new work discussing contemporary Australian society using sport as a starting point. Speaking to people on the night you begin to realise it's going to be amazingly significant legacy.

I'll post a blog from Yuendumu and discuss the development of project in more detail.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

exhibition continues until Sunday 18th August

Finally photographs of the Aesthetics of Saving exhibition installed. These images by Melbourne photographer John Laurie.

We were planning to bring down this exhibition on Monday 9th August, after the Art Fair and Saturday in Design. But we have some visitors coming over, so will now stay up until Sunday 18th August.

Thanks to everyone who has made to the show, great feed-back.

Could have sold the transformed chairs three times over but have now definitely decided to hold on to them, sorry.

We've decided to continue in the backroom and the billboard with a programme of exhibitions and events. We need a name for the backroom space and billboard combination, I've come up with nothing, so any good ideas would be appreciated.

If you haven't had a chance to get to the show it's on at spacecraft store south,
572 Malvern Road, open 7 days, Mon - Sat 9.30 - 5.00, Sunday 10 - 4.00 till Sun 18th August.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

fashion ideas

Just thought I'd post these images from fashion projects we're working on. The Le Corbusier print on the Margarita dress is amazing , just waiting for the weather and we'll be printing them.

The other images come the development of new jewellery.

Tokyo artwork leaves studio

Artwork left the studio for Tokyo today. Our latest project with Hitomi Iketani. Bright, fresh colour, the artwork has been uplifting, keeping our spirits high through the wintery conditions.
We love having regular projects in Japan, and great to have Hitomi looking after us over there.

The studio feels cold and very empty now it's all gone.

Onward and upward ! New projects waiting for room on the print tables, the walls will soon dancing to a new tune.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jon Campbell photo session

We hung up some of the Jon Campbell work commissioned by the Melbourne Art Fair for a photo shoot last week.

Loved the images of the newspaper photographer getting Jon up on the printing tables for the shots, the photographer striking poses, everyone oblivious - getting on with their work, even Jon seems unimpressed.

An idea for an artwork there somewhere.

The Aesthetics of Saving workshop

Images from the studio recording the State of Design workshop to coincide with our current exhibition project the Aesthetics of Saving at spacecraft south.

Great group, very motivated to get their transformations completed. We could have done with a couple of dedicated screen washers, more time to talk about what was made, a bit more time for woodwork activities...

Very worthwhile experience, I feel the participants will have expanded their vocabulary in the area of print and would be able to return with more confidence when the idea / opportunity arises.

Fun to give spacecraft fans the opportunity to select their favourite designs and pull ink through screens like Peppercorn, architectural dots, St Marks... and to go home with a one off spacecraft object. Tess McCabe won a place on the workshop courtesy of the The Design Files, thanks Lucy.

I'm now looking at the feasibility / demand for regular workshops.

Monday, July 12, 2010

spacecraft - Gertrude Street Projection Festival

Photos sort of showing spacecraft's contribution to the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. I'll ask Clara to take some better images and perhaps a film documentation. That would mean I'd have to figure out how to put a film up on the blog. Watch this space.

Our short film has a punchline, worth having a look at the street, it's up until the 19th July.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Aesthetics of Saving ( part two ) - work progressing

Working on the The Aesthetics of Saving show today for State of Design. Ban on new ideas, all thinking limited to the projects we've already started. Worked on the strapping for the stripped back chair. Jeannette finished all the patchwork and Jonathan has already started the upholstery for the pair of the transformed chairs.

Adam's in tomorrow evening, so we're on track. Starting to think about the installation, the image(s) for the billboard, the garments for the workshop, getting the invites out for the opening, which means I'm on track.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

poster - melbourne art fair 2010

An update on the Jon Campbell work featured here in an earlier post. The Melbourne Art Fair poster features this work in progress image of the studio, that's Jon in the foreground moving a ladder.

It's great to see an action shot and the fold up format suits Jon's work. I'll try to get a stack to give away from the stores.

spacecraft film - Gertrude Street Projection Festival

Gertrude Street Projection Festival opens next friday and runs until the 18th of July.

As part of the festival we've made a short looped film sequence for the window of our Gertrude Street store.

Looks a bit dry from these two stills but there is a sort of punchline, which I guess you'll have to wait for. We'll be around at the store on Friday night, drop in if you are on the street. If it's as cold as last night that might be a good idea.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

last day of printing wood

Today was the last day of printing the wood blocks, so I guess that means we are just about ready to release Artplay 3D. The boxes come tomorrow, so we're ahead of schedule, which is unusual for our product development, well done Marina !

The top image is Adam Stewart, the woodwork part of The Aesthetics of Saving project. I decided today that our State of Design exhibition opening party will be on Thursday 15th July.
details to follow.

We're planning to make the back room at the Malvern Road store into an events space, So I'll be and programming regular exhibitions from the studio and friends.

I think it might be a good idea to make the space available for other work, particularly from out of town. So if anyone is looking for a space and a billboard and has an interesting idea we would be happy to have a look.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

printing a new set of soft cube panels

Hold up with the sections cut from old doors for the Artplay 3D production. Anyway, gave us a chance to start work on a new set of panels for a set of soft cubes. Aiming to have them ready for the Design Market, think that's Saturday 11th of July.

This will also be the first time anyone outside the studio has seen the new print of Inspector West from a 1963 John Creasey book cover, ( for the technical buffs, just printed the C and M left out the Y & K ).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

artplay 3D - the wait is over !

Today marks the first day of production for the much anticipated artplay 3D. The fine tuning and production planning is over, the wood arrived early cut to size. The old paint colours from the doors were looking so good I almost didn't want to print on it.

Then Marina set up the Le Corbusier screens and started printing and everyone stood around watching the first few pieces come off. Then the sample box arrived, thanks James McAlister , for the contacts. Then Alvin finished the artwork for the hot stamp, then the panels John Blamey cut from the flooring of the recently demolished Lonsdale House arrived. Tom and Aymon are continuing the printing this evening. Can't wait to back to work tomorrow.

I know you always like the last thing you made, but...