Tuesday, April 5, 2011

new soft cubes and rare mini zaishu

Mathew Butler dropped off two dozen sets of of his mini zaishu seat panels on his way to the airport. He was on his way to Vietnam and Japan to work on a photography project recording artists work spaces.

We felt a bit of a responsibility printing the last set of zaishu panels, and they've been sitting in the studio for quite a while. So anyway that explains why we've gone a bit over the top on the production values.

I love this size, 300mm tall. We have two at home and I'm currently using one as a plant stand, but in the past it's been a bedside light stand, a sculptural object on the table, a waste paper bin, a newspaper holder and a our kids seat.

They definitely belong to my kids though and I've no doubt they'll be taking them with them one day. So I've archived two of this edition for me, which means there's now twenty two left.

Flora and her friend Kate drop in after school to have a look.

Master upholster Jonathan Keely is the only person allowed to makes the soft cubes. He arrived this morning to a heroes welcome with six of the best. The one below is my pick, Clara is more attached to the burnt orange.

Jonathan and I are planning a new re-upholstery project, he's bringing a bigger van next time.

Flora and Kate testing the slip stitches.