Thursday, March 17, 2011

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2011

Last weekend spacecraft studio gratefully accepted an invitation to attend the Gala dinner for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. To be served dishes created by Michelin star chefs from around the globe was a marvellous end to a project imagined by Christian Wagstaff and his design team.

After searching for the hidden entrance to the original Commonwealth Wool Store in North Melbourne, we started up the old dimly lit delivery tunnel. Far up ahead the lights changed gradually from dingy florescent to warm and somewhat spicy.

At the top the hall opened to an incredibly fragrant scene of full scale spice colours, printed pillars which we had done the day before and tables so beautifully jammed with abundant design it could have been a challenge to figure out the knives and forks.

As the light faded you realised that the space was going to handle the transformation effortlessly.

The project began with a call from the event designer Christian Wagstaff with an idea for spacecraft printed cloths for the tables, that led on to light shade prints which went on to Kristina and Ben and eventually he elegantly roped us into bringing screens down to the event site and printing vertically onto the pillars of what otherwise is used as a parking space.

Here are some pics of the site the day before the event, those windows really blew us away! Christian used these really well to light the evening from the outside in.

It's been a treat to work with Christian again after the Prahan Market bunting project, very refreshing to deal with a designer who so easily works massive colour into a space.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brook Andrew at GOMA, Brisbane

Just before christmas the constantly coloured spacecraft studio turned black and white with the welcome addition of another project with the fantastic Melbourne artist Brook Andrew.

Brook's again been working through ideas of indigenous peoples representation through history and sent us through some of his old postcards for a show 'Ancestral Worship' at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).

There's an eerie abstraction to these images; who on earth the pictures are of and what they may have thought about being framed amongst the 'interesting' exotic in household collections for over a century.

An early sketch of Brook Andrew's plan.

Brook Andrew's print beneath Joseph Kosuth's wall paper test done for the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA).