Monday, July 19, 2010

The Aesthetics of Saving workshop

Images from the studio recording the State of Design workshop to coincide with our current exhibition project the Aesthetics of Saving at spacecraft south.

Great group, very motivated to get their transformations completed. We could have done with a couple of dedicated screen washers, more time to talk about what was made, a bit more time for woodwork activities...

Very worthwhile experience, I feel the participants will have expanded their vocabulary in the area of print and would be able to return with more confidence when the idea / opportunity arises.

Fun to give spacecraft fans the opportunity to select their favourite designs and pull ink through screens like Peppercorn, architectural dots, St Marks... and to go home with a one off spacecraft object. Tess McCabe won a place on the workshop courtesy of the The Design Files, thanks Lucy.

I'm now looking at the feasibility / demand for regular workshops.

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